CHAPS Humpty Dumpty Workshops

Wednesday 24 July and Wednesday 14 August - 7:30pm
Peniel Chapel, 4 Peniel Street, Daganwy, LL31 9UP

7:30pm - meet current CHAPS members
8:00pm - workshop: acting, singing & dancing for Humpty Dumpty

Calling all CHAPS members (& potential future members):

Would you like to be involved in our 2019 pantomime? If so, please attend one of our workshops at Peniel Chapel. You will be able to meet current members of our friendly social group, as well as learning about the production.

We need to cast the complete range of roles: principals, smaller roles, chorus. We seek people with a range of attributes and experience - the most important of which is enthusiasm!

If you have any questions about the workshops, please use the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Important dates:

Summary of the story
If you've ever heard a nursery rhyme, then you will be familiar with many of the residents of Nursery Rhyme Land. One of the more important residents is Humpty Dumpty, who superstition says must stay on his wall for Nursery Rhyme Land to remain happy & contented - but should he ever fall off...

Summary of Characters

Humpty Dumpty The title character - a senior resident of Nursery Rhyme Land. A major role, this character appears in almost every scene. Part goody / part comedy role.
Mother Hubbard The dame. A major role, this character appears in almost every scene. As typical for a dame: a major comedy role. Some singing.
Tommy Tucker
& Mary (quite contrary)
The "will they / won't they" romance interest. Both roles require singing (solo & duet). In addition Tommy is a foil to Humpty Dumpty and Mother Hubbard. Tommy should be a flamboyant character (a dashing hero) - this is a major role appearing in almost every scene. Mary is slightly Jekyll & Hyde - a tradtional panto principal girl, until Humpty's fall turns her contrary - this is a medium sized role.
King & Queen of Nursery Rhyme Land These are medium sized roles - they tie the story together, explicating relationships and rules of Nursery Rhyme Land society. Requires singing (duet)
Prince Jack Son of the King & Queen - thinks of himself as dashing (but not in the same league as Tommy). Medium sized role.
Polly Flinders A major role, this character appears in almost every scene. Romance interest to Prince Jack.
Red Queen The character you are meant to boo (oh no she isn't). A smaller, but significant role. The ability to deliver a song would be useful, but not essential.
Chamberlain The Red Queen's put upon assistant. A small, but significant role.
Other nursery rhyme characters Lavender, Miss Muffet, Bo-Peep, Boy Blue, Jack & Jill, Little Girl (with a curl) - ranging from smaller to medium sized roles - do not exclude your interest in one of these roles based on age.
Chorus Villagers, etc., Some chorus members will have one or two lines

We would also like to hear from you if you would like to be involved behind the scenes in any way.